The BMSIBT Committee Launches the 2019 BMSIBT Tournament

Formed in 1964, the Spice Island Billfish Tournament, now the longest running billfish tournament in the Southern Caribbean, is recognized as the premier sport-fishing event that continues to draw anglers from near and far in a spirit of competition and camaraderie.

The founders of this annual event, Jim Needham, Louis Rostant and Martin Mathias conceived the idea of this tournament because of their love for game fishing. Grenada is well-known for its abundance of game fish and in the early years, scores of spectators were drawn to the weigh station at the end of the fishing day to view the size and variety of the catch which were all brought to the scale. This spectacle not only provided viewer excitement and photo ops on terra firma, but also made for generous donations to the nation’s hospitals and homes.

As the tournament grew and evolved over the years, preservation and sustainability of our fish species became its major focus. A modified release system was first introduced with rules that required teams to release fish under a certain weight.

The Spice Island Billfish Tournament commemorates its 50th Anniversary from 21 – 26 January 2019. At the Media Launch held on Thursday, 15 November at the Grenada Yacht Club, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Richard McIntyre stressed that conservation continues to be a key aspect of the event and he is proud of all the efforts of the Committee in achieving a full release tournament. “What the Grenada tournament offers is special,” said McIntyre, “and because of this, anglers deliver on their promise to return year after year”.

The 2019 tournament offers a full digital experience. As in past years, it will continue to incorporate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve the competition process and to ensure that sport-fishing enthusiasts and other spectators – regionally and internationally – can be part of the action through live online streaming from the sea, weigh station, radio coverage and drone video footage.

The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament (BMSIBT) will see significant improvements in the facilities at the Grenada Yacht Club, including increased berthing. Grenada looks forward to providing the usual spicy welcome to a record number of visitors and, particularly, to the many anglers who return annually to be a part of the excitement of sport fishing in Grenada.

Getting to “50” has not been easy. McIntyre recognizes that this has been achieved only with the help of many individuals who worked tirelessly over the years, with support from Government and all our sponsors, particularly Budget Marine, title sponsor for the last nine (9) years.

In commemoration of this milestone event, the angler who lands the heaviest Blue Marlin in excess of 1000 lbs. will win the BMSIBT 50th Anniversary Grand Prize of EC$500,000.00.

Registration is now open for the 50th Anniversary Grand Slam with special prizes for early registrants. Visit for registration and event information.


The Grenada Game Fishing Association Launches Cash Prize

January 2019 will be the Biggest BMSIBT tournament yet! Not only will it be a celebration of the 50th Anniversary year of the tournament, but it will also be the inaugural year of a cash prize at the tournament. Grenada boasts an abundant range of sport fishing species, especially the billfish category. Many have reported sightings of a Grander and some have fought these monster in the Grenada waters. This year the tournament decided that this extensive fishing atmosphere located right here in our backyard should be showcased for the world to see.

Any angler who lands a 1000 lb Blue Marlin, 1000lb and above will be eligible to be awarded the grand cash prize of Half of a Million (500,000) Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

Don’t forget to register for your shot at the Grander prize!

Results & Photos 2018


Heaviest Yellow Fin To Scale

Avi Paul – Grenada – Black Child II

Heaviest Wahoo to Scale

Douglas Skinner – T & T – Temptation

Heaviest Dorado to Scale

Sheldon Williams – Gda – Uncle


4th Place Boat Pool

T&T – Houdini

3rd Place Boat Pool

T&T – Zingo

2nd Place Boat Pool

Grenada – Oceanus

1st Place Boat Pool

Grenada – Black Child II


Last Day Points Shoot Out

2 Blue Marlin Releases 1,200 points
Barbados – Sweet Peace



6 Sailfish Releases USA – Exile

White Marlin

2 White Marlin Releases T&T – Magic Lady

Blue Marlin

2 Blue Marlin Releases T&T – Cocobel

Other Recognized Positions

Top Female Angler

900 points – 1 White Marlin, 2 Sailfish
Barbados – Remember Me Now – Tricia Thompson

“Republic Bank” Top Junior Angler

300 points – 1 Sailfish
Barbados – Remember Me Now – Amalee Mayers

3rd Place Angler

1,200 points – 4 Sailfish Releases Grenada – Yes Aye – Gary Clifford

2nd Place Angler

1,500 points – 1 Blue Marlin, 3 Sailfish
T&T – EZ Axcess – Ryan Agar

1st Place Angler – “Republic Bank” Trinidad & Tobago Angler

1,500 points – 2 White Marlin, 3 Sailfish
T&T – Magic Lady – Glen Charlett

Top Grenada Angler

1,200 points – 4 Sailfish

Yes Aye – Gary Clifford

Top Grenada Boat

1,800 points – 5 Sailfish

Yes Aye

Top Martinique Boat


Top Foreign Boat

From the Barbados Game Fishing Association

3,000 points – 1 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin, 5 Sailfish
T&T – Magic Lady

Top 10 Boats

10th Place Boat

1,500 points – 2 Blue Marlin Barbados – Sweet Peace

9th Place Boat

1,500 points – 1 White Marlin, 3 Sailfish
Barbados – Remember Me Now

8th Place Boat

1,500 points – 2 Blue Marlin T&T – Cocobel

7th Place Boat

1,500 points – 1 Blue Marlin, 2 Sailfish
T&T – Blue Fever II

6th Place Boat

1,800 points – 1 Blue Marlin, 3 Sailfish
Barbados – Never Enough

5th Place Boat

1,800 points – 5 Sailfish T&T – Knot Easy

4th Place Boat

1,800 points – 5 Sailfish Grenada – Yes Aye

3rd Place Boat

2,400 points – 1 White Marlin, 6 Sailfish
USA – Exile

2nd Place Boat

2,700 points – 2 Blue Marlin, 4 Sailfish
T&T – EZ Axcess

1st Place Boat

3,000 points – 1 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin, 5 Sailfish
T&T – Magic Lady