Formed in 1964, the Spice Island Billfish Tournament, now the longest running billfish tournament in the Southern Caribbean, is recognized as the premier sport-fishing event that continues to draw anglers from near and far in a spirit of competition and camaraderie. The founders of this annual event, Jim Needham, Louis
January 2019 will be the Biggest BMSIBT tournament yet! Not only will it be a celebration of the 50th Anniversary year of the tournament, but it will also be the inaugural year of a cash prize at the tournament. Grenada boasts an abundant range of sport fishing species, especially the
  Heaviest Yellow Fin To Scale 165lbs Avi Paul – Grenada – Black Child II Heaviest Wahoo to Scale 37lbs Douglas Skinner – T & T – Temptation Heaviest Dorado to Scale 18lbs Sheldon Williams – Gda – Uncle BOAT POOL 4th Place Boat Pool 128lbs T&T – Houdini 3rd