Tournament Rules



BMSIBT follows the rules set by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA). A high level of sportsmanship is expected from all, as there are no judges on boats.


Line Test

Anglers can use 30, 50 and 80lb line test categories.
Mono lament, multi lament and lead core multifilament lines can be used, but wire lines are prohibited.

Fishing Methods

We encourage anglers to use circle hooks; J hooks are also allowed. Double or treble hooks are prohibited.

Kites and live bait can be used when towed in a forward motion. Drift fishing, and fishing at anchor is strictly prohibited.

Only registered anglers can catch fish during the tournament. Only the angler that hooks the fish can fight the fish, and no other person is allowed to handle the rod, reel or line during the fight.

Boats must stay within Grenada’s waters.

Release Points

As a bill sh tournament, release points will be awarded for the following species only:

Blue Marlin – 600 points White Marlin – 300 points Sailfish – 300 points

Spearfish – 300 points

For the purpose of the tournament, longbill and shortbill spear sh are considered as one species and will be awarded the same points.

Please note that points can only be awarded based on identifying the species from the photograph or video supplied.

If the SIBT Committee are unable to positively identify the species, but make the decision to accept the release, 300 points will be awarded.

Release Rules

To receive release points, the following conditions must all be met:

The fish must be caught in accordance with all the tournament rules.
The initial hook up must be reported to Bill sh Control at the time it happened.
A digital image or video foot- age of the sh must be sub- mitted to the SIBT Committee at the end of that shing day. The camera and memory card/ USB cable should be brought to the weigh station as soon as the boat docks, and the image/ video should clearly show the following:

  1. The leader attached to the fish.
  2. The fish at boat side.
  3. Sufficient detail of the fish to allow identification as one of the species for which points are allocated.
  4. After taking the release photographs / videos, the release should be immediately reported to Billfish Control, who will advise on the sequence photo to take. You will also need to declare the angler’s name and the type of billfish released.
  5. Please note that points are not allocated until the photos / videos have been verified at the end of the day.Note: Tagging is not required for a release.

    Evidence of your Catch

    Each participating boat must have a digital camera with a removable memory card on board for capturing photos or videos of releases. Your camera should have a minimum resolution of 3.2 megapixels, with higher definitions preferable to produce clearer images. All cameras and video cameras must have removable memory cards or USB cables to transfer files to the SIBT laptop. Memory cards should be cleared of images at the start of the tournament. At the end of each fishing day that a release is claimed, cameras, memory cards and USB cables should be brought to the weigh station.

Each boat is allowed a back-up camera, in case the primary camera fails. The daily start picture must also be taken on the back-up camera. Do not delete any photos or videos taken during fishing hours. SIBT is not responsible for photos lost.

Use of Photography

By entering a boat or registering as an angler in the tournament, anglers, owners and captains agree that the Tournament Committee may use, without payment or any restriction, any photographs or videos in which they or their boat appears, for any purpose, including but not limited to resale, advertising, commercial or promotional material. The participants also release the Tournament Committee from liability for any injury, loss or damage which may result from the use of photos and videos.

On the Scales

Boated Billfish will score the following points only if they equal or exceed the minimum weight:

Blue Marlin – 3 points per lb for 669lb and over

White Marlin and Sailfish – 4 points per lb for 82lb and over.

Spearfish will not score points if boated. However, if landed accidentally, it must be brought to the scale.

The points allocation above have a line class correction factor as follows:

30lb: x1.2 | 50lb : x1 | 80lb : x0.8

All boated Billfish MUST be brought to the scale. Any Billfish known to be boated and not brought to the scale will be assumed to be underweight, and the following penalties applied:

The table below shows the minimum weight of the species accepted at the weigh station:

Blue Marlin under 600lb – Minus 300 points (penalty)

White Marlin & Sailfish under 70lb – Minus 200 points (Penalty)

Spearfish (any weight) – Minus 200 points

Minimum weights:

Blue Marlin – 669 lb

White Marlin – 82lb

Sailfish  – 77.6lb

Yellowfin Tuna – 50lb

Wahoo – 20lb

Dolphin – 15lb


Blue Marlin – 669lb

White Marlin – 82lb

Sailfish – 77.6lb

Yellow Fin Tuna – 173.0lb

Wahoo – 66lb

Dolphin – 53.0lb

Record Catch

For a fish to be considered for a record prize, it must beat the previous record by at least one pound (lb). If two fish record the same weight, the one that was caught first will be awarded the record prize.

Note: All fish bought to the scale become the property of the Tournament Committee.

Reporting to Billfish Control

Each participating boat has the responsibility of maintaining two-way radio contact with Billfish Control at all times. Real time relays are accepted where absolutely necessary.

Boats are required to report to Billfish Control as follows:

  • At the beginning of each shing day. You will then be instructed on the daily start picture.
  • All strikes and hook ups are to be reported as soon as they occur.
  • Released Billfish are to be reported after taking release photos / videos. The release species and angler’s name should be reported. You will then be instructed on what sequence photo to take. If there is a multiple hook up, a sequence photo of the angler must be taken after each release.

• Landed Billfish – immediately report to Billfish Control with the angler’s name, species of Billfish and the line test. Note that line test is only required for landed Billfish.

• Other landed fish. Immediately inform Billfish Control of the angler’s name and the species of fish landed.

Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie, the boat or angler reporting the catch first will be the winner. This is why it is so important to report Billfish catches to Billfish Control IMMEDIATEY


Weather will be closely monitored. In the event of unfavourable weather, a weather committee will be formed, with one person from each participating country asked to join. A decision will then be made as to whether shing will be permitted on each day.


Any alleged offenses should be reported to Tournament Control within 3 hours. This should be followed by a written report of the complaint within 24 hours of the alleged offense.

A protest committee made up of 2 representatives from BMSIBT and 3 representatives from other participating countries will be announced at the briefing, and this committee will consider and deliver a verdict on any protests that are lodged.

Other Regulations

• Once a fish is hooked and reported to Billfish Control during official fishing times, it can be fought after lines up, without any time limit, as long as all cameras and fish are presented to the weigh station by 4pm on the final day.

• All types of boats may enter the tournament, provided that they comply with the Coastguard Regulations for Safety Equipment on Vessels. All registered anglers chartering boats do so at their own risk.