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Welcome to the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament.

Our Budget Marine SIBT Rules:


The rules of this Tournament shall be those laid down by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA). There are no judges on the boats; a high standard of sportsmanship is required of all participants.


Summary of the Rules Appears below - Full tournament rules supplied in Brochure.



All participating boats must have a DIGITAL CAMERA (min. resolution 3.2 megapixels) with memory card onboard to be used for Release photos. It is recommended that you have more than one camera onboard and back-up batteries or chargers. You are required to bring the camera and memory card to the scale for processing each day. BMSIBT is not responsible for photos lost. Full details of release rules will be provided at registration.


Weigh Station: The weigh station is at the GYC marina. A boat will be considered to be at the weigh station once it has cleared the last channel marker leading into the Lagoon. An official photographer will be at the weigh station.


Fishing Hours & Dates:

Wednesday 24th January

Registration of boats at GYC from 10:00 am to 4:00pm. Meet & greet of arriving boats all day.

Brie ng at GYC at 6:00pm followed by free cocktail bar.

Thursday 25th January

Parade of boats through the Carenage starting at 6:45 am proceeding to the start line for the 7:30 am Bimini Start.

Lines Down at 7:35 am

Lines Up at 5:00 pm

Friday 26th January

Lines Down at 7:00 am Lines Up at 4:30pm

Saturday 27th January

Lay Day with a selection of food & drinks from midday.

Sunday 28th January

Lines Down at 6:30 am Lines Up at 3:00 pm

All cameras and  sh to be at Weigh Station

by 4:00pm

Awards Dinner starts 6:30pm at PWU building adjacent to GYC.


Fish hooked and reported to Billfish control before closing time each day will be accepted at the weigh station with the exception that on the third day all fish and cameras must be brought to the weigh station by 16:30 hrs.


Line Test: the following line tests are allowed: 30lb, 50lb and 80lb.


Eligible Species: The following are the only species of fish accepted for Tournament points: Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Spearfish.

Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin will also be accepted, but for boat pool and record weight prizes only.


Minimum Weights: The minimum weight of eligible fish accepted at the weighing station will be as follows:

Blue Marlin 669lb

White Marlin 82lb

Sailfish 77.6lb

Spearfish Not Accepted - 200 point penalty if landed.

Dolphin 15lb

Yellowfin Tuna 50lb

Wahoo 20lb


Points will be deducted for underweight fish as follows:

Blue Marlin under 600lb 300 points

White Marlin under 70lb 200 points

Sailfish under 70lb 200 points

Points will be computed as follows:


Blue Marlin Release 600 points

White Marlin Release 300 points

Sailfish / Spearfish Release 300 points


Blue Marlin 669lb Weight x 1.4

Blue Marlin >669lb 600 + Weight portion above 500 x 3

White Marlin/Sailfish Weight x 4


Line factors : (landed billfish only)


Line Test Factor:

30 lb points x 1.2

50 lb points x 1.0

80 lb points x 0.8


All fish weighed in the Tournament become the property of the Tournament Committee.


All Billfish boated must be brought to the scale.

Tournament History

Grenada’s water is home to an abundance of game fish. The idea of a tournament held annually to bring anglers together in competition and camaraderie was pioneered by the founders Jim Needham, Louis Rostant and Martin Mathias in 1964.

These gentlemen built this tournament on the foundation of a love for game fishing. The beginning of the biggest tournament in the southern Caribbean dawned on the SIBT, as more businessmen and women began to get on board. Not only did the tournament hold an exiting place in the sporting calendar, but provided an opportunity to expose various brands to a close community.

After 10 years, Jim Needham, founding Chairman of the SIBT, stepped down and the current Chairman Richard McIntyre assembled a committee with other businessmen such as Fred Topin and Angus Minors.

Like any other organization, efforts towards sustainability became a key focus and driving force going forward. From conception to the late 90's the SIBT was classed as a 100% kill tournament, everything was killed. While this provided for a great spectator sport as well as food donations to homes and hospitals in Grenada, the effort to introduce the release of the Billfish became evidently important in preserving the unique aspect of the Grenadian waters. While we do not boast some of the larger weight records achieved in the sport, Grenada holds a large variety of billfish and the opportunity to achieve the Grand Slam keeps the excitement right up until lines up is called on the last day. In recognizing this unique opportunity we worked towards introducing a modified release. Careful guidance from Sid Johnson allowed us to set rules where by teams had to release fish under a certain weight. As anglers became more competitive, the rules allowed for greater rewards to be given to anglers of this practice.

In the late 90's there was less fish brought to the scale, however our yearly average of 50+ boats began to take shape.


50+ Boats


Tournament Highlights:









1st Place





Grand Slam






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The Southern Caribbean's premier sport fishing event. Our tournament base is held at the Grenada Yacht Club, St. George's, Grenada.


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